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New Solo Release + Session Work Special Offer

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Big news! And I’m not talking about the national lockdown....

Very soon I’m going to be putting out my very first solo release! It’s an 8-track album of improvisations recorded whilst self-isolating last summer. The idea was to bring some creative focus to each day by sitting down at the piano and improvising something inspired by the incense I had burning at the time.

Embrace the hippy, right?! 😂

It was going to be a top secret project purely for my own creative enjoyment but after listening back to the recordings, I decided to release a few. Stay tuned for announcements!

Also, I’m offering a discount on my session work rates this month in an effort to kick off 2021 with some new collaborations. Get involved!

Piano, Fender Rhodes, Hammond Organ, Wurlitzer & Synth - I’ve got a professional home recording set up and can track high quality instruments remotely! 🎹

So get in touch if you’re needing some keyboard sprinkles for your latest project ✨

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